Can Marijuana Help with an Alcohol Hangover?

After a night of heavy drinking, many of us have experienced the dreaded hangover. This unpleasant state often leaves us desperate for relief. Hangovers are mainly caused by dehydration due to alcohol’s diuretic effect and the toxins produced by the liver as it processes alcohol. Hangover symptoms, which appear as blood alcohol levels drop, typically include fatigue, thirst, headaches, nausea, stomach pain, poor sleep, sensitivity to light and sound, dizziness, shakiness, difficulty concentrating, mood changes, and rapid heartbeat. Find more information about marijuana delivery

While there is no magic cure for hangovers, some people believe that marijuana can help ease these symptoms.

How Does Marijuana Affect Hangovers?

Smoking marijuana might help with hangover symptoms like pain and stomach issues. It could also improve your mood and make waiting out the hangover more tolerable. Many cannabis users, including myself, have tried using marijuana to ease hangover symptoms. Since cannabis is often used to treat pain and anxiety, it seems like a good match for hangover relief. But is it really a hangover cure?

Expert Opinion

To get a clearer answer, I consulted Dr. Adie Rae (Wilson-Poe), a neuroscientist funded by the NIH who has studied cannabis and its effects on the brain extensively. Dr. Rae stated that there is no cure for a hangover; only time will make it go away. However, cannabis can help manage some symptoms, making them less severe. Many patients report that cannabis helps them cope with pain and nausea, and it might also improve sleep and reduce irritability.

On the downside, cannabis could worsen some hangover symptoms. Cognitive impairment, dry mouth, and a rapid heartbeat are common with both cannabis use and hangovers. Since hangovers affect everyone differently, not everyone may benefit from using cannabis to treat them. Finding the right dose, strain, and method of cannabis use might require some personal experimentation.

The Science Behind It

Dr. Rae mentioned that alcohol causes oxidative stress, leading to cellular damage. A full-spectrum cannabis product, whether it contains THC or not, introduces anti-oxidative compounds into the body. While there are no studies proving that cannabis can reverse alcohol-related cellular damage, the theory makes sense.


So, does marijuana cure a hangover? The short answer is no, but it can help with some of the worst symptoms. Since our bodies react differently, cannabis might relieve symptoms like nausea, headaches, fatigue, and moodiness for some people. For me, the biggest benefit of using cannabis after drinking is that it helps me tolerate hangover symptoms better. I focus on rehydrating and managing pain first, then use a familiar strain of cannabis to handle the rest.

IAvoid starting with high-THC strains or new consumption methods, as they might worsen your hangover. Keep in mind that alcohol is toxic and affects all body systems, leading to hangovers when consumed in excess. In contrast, marijuana is less likely to cause a severe hangover. While cannabis can help with some symptoms, the best approach is to drink responsibly and know your limits.